Katheryne Win

Katheryne Win was born as an only child in Houston, Texas from a Romanian Mother and Burmese Father. She grew up classically trained in ballet and piano in Houston. Katheryne worked her first entertainment job in CATS off Broadway production in Houston (1995). In 1996, Katheryne was a paid pianist in former Rivoli restaurant in Richmond (Houston). After moving to Los Angeles to study Engineering at USC, in 1999, she was invited to study ballet intensively in Vaganova Academy in St.Petersburg (Russia). Katheryne instead began working in Europe in a ballet company as a soloist then in several American ballet companies (until 2008). From the dance studio (1998), she was chosen as a lead alien Shadow Man and has worked in minor stunts. Katheryne works in TV and film markets and is local hire in Texas/Louisiana and New York. She resides in Los Angeles with her family.

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