Kate Cook

Kate hails from the east coast. She grew up in Delaware, nicknamed the first state because it rushed to ratify the constitution first and beat out Pennsylvania through sheer force of will and fast feet. The first state is also the diamond state because it’s small but valuable. These are the sort of thing a girl from Delaware thinks about.

Kate received her BA from Wheaton College, her MFA from Southern Methodist University, and her instinct to travel the world from her parents.

Kate has lived in New York, Oregon, Illinois, Texas, Minnesota, and Utah. She has grand plans to call France home someday, but she’s currently a satisfied resident of Los Angeles, California. She lives a mile from the ocean and swims in it once a week.

Kate counts yoga, contra dance, soccer, and tennis among her hobbies. She has a deep affection for Russian novels and anything by Anton Chekhov. She drinks Earl Grey tea. And the artistic work she’s most proud of in her life, thus far, is playing Rosemary in a Henry Woronicz production of William Inge’s Picnic.

Kate is very interested in the body-mind connection and any practice smacking of the somatic, enjoys functional anatomy, loves teaching movement, and just received her certification in the Alexander Technique at the ATTIC in Chicago/ATI-LA in Los Angeles.

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