Kate Adair

Kate Adair is an American actress born in New Orleans, Louisiana. From the age of two until seven, she lived in a small town in Mississippi. Following a divorce, her mother moved her back to New Orleans to raise her and her two brothers with the help of her grandmother. While attending public schools, she trained to be a classical ballet dancer under the tutelage of Mary Munro in the Royal Academy of Dance style culminating in study at New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. She studied Shakespeare at Davidson College, was an apprentice to Tulane’s Shakespeare Festival two summers, and belonged to Wellesley’s Shakespeare Society, an all women’s Shakespeare company. She studied in Bologna, Italy a semester and graduated from Wellesley College with a B.A. in English Literature. She studied theater in New York City at Michael Howards Studios Summer Conservatory and upon returning to New Orleans worked years with small, experimental companies such as Madame Palmetto’s Amusement Company in circus plays and fringe theatrical productions until making a conscious shift in the direction of comedy and film following Hurricane Katrina. She received a scholarship to La Nuit Comedy Conservatory. Upon completion of their program, she trained and graduated from The New Movement Theater in New Orleans.

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