Karen Bankhead

Karen grew up in an Air Force family and began her acting career on stage, appearing in regional theater in Arizona, New York and Northern California. She grew up in San Jose, CA received a BA in Psychology from UCLA. She has played a variety of delightful roles including the wacky receptionist “Taylor” on the ABC series “New Attitude,” the ultra-nerd “Adrienne” on “Boston Common” and as “Denise Pendergrass,” the feisty line producer on the debut season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” She was a member of the Groundlings Sunday Company, and has toured with her award-winning one-woman comedy/inspirational show, “The V-05 Experience.” She also performs regularly as the elderly “Etta Mae Mumphries,” known as the black Forrest Gump. Karen has also written a few short films, a devotional book and several stage plays.

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