Jiaoying Summers

Jiaoying was born and raised in Henan Province, China. Having grown up with a deep appreciation of Chinese classical art and literature as well as film, she has a voracious appetite for learning more about Western art and culture. She decided to pursue her higher education in America, to better integrate her love for the arts with the opportunities for world class training and a sophisticated, informed approach to developing a career.

She spent 4 years studying at the University of Kentucky, during which time she also taught Chinese and Calligraphy at the Confucius Institute as well as tutoring in college level math. Along with Economics and Finance, she studied theatre and decided to focus on the performing arts and entertainment production.

In 2013, Jiaoying moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting these ends. She began intensive training in acting, voice, elocution, and movement with some of Hollywood’s leading coaches.

During this period, She also served as President for New Business Development for her family’s Hongquiqu Construction Group, focusing on developing construction deals between the U.S. and China. To further this purpose, She interned at IMAX headquarters in Los Angeles to better learn the ins and outs of film distribution and exhibition. She has participated in The Asia Society’s US-China Film Summit for the past three years to develop relationships with industry leaders from both countries.

Philanthropy is very important to her. Jiaoying is honored to be the International Ambassador for Linzhou Charity Federation (Henan Province, China) and to volunteer as China Liaison for Operation USA (www.opusa.org), an international NGO, for which she has raised funds for projects in China and the US. In 2014, at the request of the United Nations’ World Humanitarian Summit Secretariat, she represented Chinese NGOs at its Asian-Pacific Consultation at the Foreign Ministry of Japan in Tokyo. She secured private Chinese funding for research on the agenda for its upcoming 2016 World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, Turkey .

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