Jessica Queller

Jessica Queller was born in New York City, raised on Bleecker Street, and corrupted by television. The shows she has worked on include Fling; Felicity; Ed; One Tree Hill; and Gilmore Girls. Before she began to type, she acted in such diverse fare as The Diary of Anne Frank; Getting There; Peacetime (with Gordon Greenberg); and sang with Ricki Lake at Something Different in 1985. Amongst the plays dedicated to and/or based on her are Sophistry by Jonathan Marc Sherman; An Infinite Ache by David Schulner; Intangible Recognition by John A. Norris; and a play by David Mamet. When not spending time writing, acting, or inspiring, she has been known to put powerful Scorpion hexes on or upon those who dare cross her. She’s also written an adaptation of Tunes for a Small Harmonica for jolly Oscar-winning producer Ron Schwary.

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