Jessica Brooks

Jessica Brooks hails from a background of television, theater and voiceover work. Voice-trained, Brooks, a soprano, also has performed in a number of musicals and choral groups. Brooks recently completed her first feature film, Three Guesses (2003). Among her other credits are the TV movie Ferrari (2003), and the BBC’s Murder Rooms: Mysteries of the Real Sherlock Holmes: The Kingdom of Bones (2001)_ . She also starred in the new Carlton drama series for British TV, Blue Dove (2003).

Brooks’ theater work includes Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest” for the Oxford Playhouse. For the National Youth Music Theatre, she starred in “The Kissing Dance”, “The Ragged Child”, “The Valiant Apprentice” and “Torchbearers”.

Her voiceover work includes narration for documentaries, children’s tales and drama, including the documentary film “Children of the Sewers” by the award-winning journalist Desmond Wilcox.

Brooks, a London native, studied Classics at Oxford University. Her first major TV role was playing “Ghanima Atreides”, the prescient twin daughter of “Paul Atreides”.

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