Jennifer Li

Jennifer Li was born and raised in Vancouver, BC and has one little brother. Her parents are from Hong Kong, and she was home-schooled until the age of nine. With her unique childhood, she can read Chinese and speak fluent Cantonese and Mandarin. She started to practice traditional Chinese internal martial arts at a young age of eight (Bagua, Tai Chi Chen Style). As a child, she loved drawing and was introduced to caricature drawings by her father, who drew caricatures for a period of his career. She was also trained in Chinese Chess (XiangQi) and represented Canada to compete in China three times. Passionate about Origami, she exhibited at many Origami conventions and exhibits. Having learned the Chinese violin, she can perform many Chinese classics such as Butterfly Love. At the age of 10, she had her first big on-stage performance at The Centre downtown in “The Heart Beat Show”; an extravagant dance and martial arts theatre stage show. As the main character and one of two local performers (All other performers were from China), she strings the performances together after learning dances and drum routines.

After finishing high school by graduating from the IB Certificate Program at Richmond Secondary School, Jennifer Enrolled at Emily Carr University of Arts & Design to study in Film and Integrated Media. She studied the basics of filmmaking including film production, film analysis, sound design, editing, directing, visual effects etc.

Since the age of 14, Jennifer started practicing Extreme Martial Arts Tricking and had since travelled and attended many International Tricking Gatherings; including the ‘Panda Gathering’ in Toronto, and a few Loop Kicks gatherings in San Jose, California. Through these events, she made friends all over the world and Martial Arts Trickers knew her name in that community as Jenninja.

Through practicing Extreme Martial Arts Tricking, Jennifer got exposed to the world of stunts and started pursuing stunts in 2012. Continuing to train in Martial Arts Tricking, she also turned her focus to practicing film fighting, stunt falls, wire work, acting and other types of martial arts such as boxing, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu , and Karate. She has had the opportunity to stunt double Kelly Marie Tran on Starwars VIII: The Last Jedi, travelling to the UK and Dubrovnik to work for over 6 months. She has also performed and worked on many movies and TV shows locally in Vancouver such as The 100, Supernatural, The Flash, Arrow, Snow Piercer and Skyscraper. She wishes to pursue stunt acting and directing in the future.

With her background and experiences in visual arts and filmmaking, she’ has had the opportunity to create action previses for ‘Supernatural’ during the past year and a half. Jennifer has also apprenticed under Arrow’s storyboard artist David McLean to learn the process and designed storyboard sequences for Arrow in 2015. Alongside pursuing stunts, she takes professional head shots for stunt performers and actors as she is dedicated to photography and portraiture. Jennifer also loves drawing on her spare time and has done many commissioned art pieces for various clients.

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