Jenna Wheeler-Hughes

Jenna Wheeler-Hughes splits time between Canada and the US. Her training has been in Montreal and Toronto, and she is a professional, working ACTRA actress, with major guest stars in TV and leading roles in motion pictures. In addition to her acting base, Jenna is an outstanding dancer, with gymnastic abilities and a legit and pop vocalist. She has both classical and contemporary singing vocabulary and a long elegant physical facility, which makes for a package with focus, poise, flexibility and energy. Jenna has exceptional skills in language and dialects, as well as physical skills in kickboxing, soccer and she is a certified swimmer and lifeguard. Her age range is 16-23. Now managed by Michelle Zeitlin, CEO of More Zap Productions & Management, Jenna has agency representation in both Canada and the US and is looking to expand her roster of projects, productions and creative roles that will challenge her and uplift.

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