Jenifer Rebecca Foster

Jenifer Rebecca Foster was born in a small town in Pennsylvania in the USA. She always loved acting, dancing, and being in front of the camera. Having a strong academic background, she sought a degree from a university that would provide a stable income. Jenifer soon realized that her passion for acting could not be suppressed. She began modeling swimwear and lingerie for calendars and fashion shows. That led to commercial acting and finally to film and television projects. Jenifer booked many local commercials and film projects while living in Louisiana. She then relocated to Southern California where she continued to book film and television projects, as well as music videos and commercials. Jenifer also has a home in Southern Louisiana where she continues to audition and book work, as well as teach modeling classes and assist in acting classes and workshops. Jenifer’s resume shows her range of talent with roles from hot, sultry babe to the girl next door that can sale you anything from a car to a dryer sheet. She loves working as an actress and her advice to everyone is: “Do what you love and love what you do.” She attributes her success to this mantra.

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