Jasmine Sky Sarin

Jasmine Sky Sarin began entertaining audiences pretty much since she began walking. Her natural exuberance and love for performance segued into local musical theater and dance and comedy shows in her native Vancouver, BC. Her passion for hamming it up, acting, singing and just putting on a show soon translated to regional theater and talent around Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest.

At age 13 Jasmine created the popular YouTube beauty and fashion channel “Jasmine Sky” and spent her high school years as an active member of the YouTube community and event circuit. She also played supporting roles in numerous television movies and feature films in her native Vancouver.

Jasmine now divides her time between Vancouver and Los Angeles where she is studying and pursuing her passion for acting full time.

Jasmine Sky is a Canadian/American/EU citizen and is of Kashmiri, Norwegian & Estonian decent. She has a cat called Oscar who thinks he is a dog and a dog called Maison who thinks he’s a kangaroo.

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