Jane McDonald

Jane McDonald grew up in Wakefield, England, UK. Jane’s father, Peter, was a miner, who doubled as a chimney-sweep. Jane’s mother, Jean, and Jane’s grandmother ran a boarding-house in Wakefield. Jane has a brother, Tony, and a sister, Janet. For 12 years, Jane sang in clubs throughout Northern England and on various cruise ships. In March 1995, she met her husband, Henrik Brixen, onboard the cruise ship, The Century. They married in May 1998. On 13 January 1998, British BBC1 began broadcasting the documentary series The Cruise – and Jane became an instant star. In July 1998, Jane released her first album, “Jane McDonald” (received platinum), in November 1999, she released the concert video: “Jane McDonald – In Concert” and, in June 2000, Jane released her second album, “Inspiration”. Jane now has her own TV show: Star for a Night (1999). Jane is living proof that sometimes dreams really DO come true.

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