Iulia Verdes

Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, Iulia gives her first acting performances for theatre and TV while she is still in high school. At 18 she makes her acting debut in cinema with the film Elevator (Romania, 2008), being cast as the main part. For this performance the movie receives the Audience Award on three continents and she is nominated for Best Actress at BestFilmFest 2009. The pleasure of performing and having such an early success, despite not receiving any formal education in acting, make Iulia fully committed to this as her career. She starts to study at the National University of Theatre and Film in Bucharest, where she completes both her BA and MA in acting. During her studies, Iulia is awarded with a scholarship for young talents by the Princess Margareta Foundation and she is selected to participate in “the acting corps” workshop in Hollywood. Throughout her study years and afterwards, Iulia enriches her experience as an actress taking part in a large variety of projects. In two consecutive years she receives the Best Actress award at the international student film festival cinemaiubit for the short films ” eu si sora mea”( Romania, 2009), “intre prieteni” (Romania, 2010), the latter also being presented in Cannes. Among the most internationally acclaimed productions that she takes part in is also “Between already and not yet” that has been selected for Cannes .To wide audience she is also known for her TV roles ( HBO- “In treatment”, PRO TV- “Poor man, rich man”, “A Bet with Life”), as well as for her many theatre performances. Iulia’s intense activity in the Romanian cinema, theatre and TV also gains her international attention as she starts to work for international productions like ” The Zero Theorem” directed by Terry Gilliam. She currently has a part in ”KTO”, a Danish film directed by Manyar Parwani, ” A Good Man” ( directed by Keoni Waxman and produced by Steven Seagal) having the female leading role.

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