Ingrid Goude

Lovely and sultry blonde actress/model Ingrid Goude was born in 1937 in Sandviken, Sweden. Her parents were Edward and Valdy Goude. Her father Edward was the manager of a steel plant. Ingrid won the Miss Sweden Beauty pageant in 1956. She subsequently placed as second runner-up in the 1956 Miss Universe contest and was first runner-up in the 1956 Miss Europe pageant. Goude signed a contract with Universal Pictures on July 25, 1956. Her initial salary was $150 a week. Ingrid parted ways with Universal eighteen months later. She went on to act in a handful of movies and TV shows. Goude made her debut with a bit part in the gritty film noir drama The Tattered Dress (1957). Among her more memorable roles are bride Beulah in the comedy Western Once Upon a Horse… (1958), blacksmith’s daughter Hilda Jansen in the Will Rogers Jr. comedy Western romp Wild Heritage (1958), and a secretary in the raucous musical comedy outing The Big Beat (1958). Ingrid achieved her greatest enduring cult popularity as fetching damsel-in-distress Ann Craigis in the delightfully schlocky low-budget creature feature horror howler The Killer Shrews (1959). Moreover, Goude made guest appearances on the television programs Flight (1958), Steve Canyon (1958), Richard Diamond, Private Detective (1957), Johnny Staccato (1959), and The Best of the Post (1960). Ingrid married department store mogul Jerome K. Ohrbach in April, 1962. The couple took up residence in Beverly Hills, California after spending their honeymoon in Europe. Ingrid eventually divorced Ohrbach in 1976 and married Paramount Pictures vice president Arthur Ryan. She eventually split from Ryan as well and got married a third time to New Orleans multimillionaire Frederic B. Ingram on February 19, 1983. Ingrid Goude was last reported living in Santa Barbara, California.

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