Ili Ray

Ili Ray aka Iliana Raykovski is an American-Bulgarian actor born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. At eight years old, she and her family immigrated to Chicago, Illinois and subsequently opened a family string instrument store and music lesson school after her father, a violin maker, attended the Chicago School of Violin Making. Growing up, Ili had a love for film and television and the performing arts participating in local theater productions and studying classical violin. Within a week after signing with her first manager, Ili booked a guest star on Law & Order where she stole the show playing a young woman posing as a kidnapped victim in search for a better life. Since then, she has also guest starred on CBS’ FBI playing a sex trafficking victim as well as starring in several short films.

Ili Ray was the feature cover girl in “Bulgaria Sega”/”Bulgaria Right Now” newspaper, an accomplishment over-eagerly boasted by her mother who takes every opportunity to bring it up in casual conversation.

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