Faith Elizabeth

Faith Elizabeth is a Sussex born Actress who loves playing emotionally charged women who have something strong to say. She loves being able to take a character on a journey to the height of each emotion.

Faith’s love of acting began in the theatre from a young age, in 2003 Faith and her peers put on a production of ”The Lion King” at a local village hall, to raise money for WWF, where she starred as ”Scar”.

She joined Act Too Productions in 2004 where she went on to perform in 8 amateur level musical theatre productions, in 3 local theaters. She won a 2 year scholarship to Act Too Arts Academy in 2005, where she was elected Head Girl.

While taking her GCSE’s in 2007, Faith was selected to take a Trinity/Guildhall performing arts award, where she achieved distinction for her role as Antigone in ”The Oedipus Plays”, in addition to achieving A* Drama GCSE. Faith also began modelling at amateur level, after joining several modelling agencies.

Faith enrolled into Haywards Heath College in 2008 to study performing arts, however had to drop out of the course due to a back injury she suffered from while working in a local convenience store. This accident caused her to suffer from Chronic Back Pain, which had a drastically devastating effect on her life. Faith was highly medicated, hospitalised and had to have ongoing treatment for her condition for many years following the accident including spending a month in St. Thomas’ Hospital, London. The doctors told her that her future was bleak and she would suffer from Chronic Back Pain for the rest of her life, and it would be unlikely she would ever work again or live a normal life.

In 2011 Faith was suffering from depression, suicidal tendencies and was taking high levels of medication to attempt to control her back pain. She then unexpectedly fell pregnant with her long-term boyfriend.

In August 2011, age 19, Faith gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Having a child gave Faith the courage and determination to overcome the challenges she was facing, she was able to come off her medication and began taking an alternative medication, which helped her back pain reduce dramatically. She also was able to overcome her depression.

At 21 years old, Faith fell pregnant again, but sadly suffered a miscarriage in October 2012, she then separated from her long-term boyfriend in January 2013.

In early 2013, Faith decided she was ready to get back into acting and it was time to pursue a professional acting career.

Faith took several short courses/workshops with numerous companies including: The Actors Temple, City Lit, City Academy, RADA and TV training academy.

She began working on independent short films, including playing ”Zoey” in ”Back to the Film fest” by Winchester film school, the ”Wife” in ”Googleglass” by Genesis Flux Productions and the ”Girlfriend” in ”Limbo” by Landa Productions.

Faith also joined several extras agencies. Whilst working as an extra on several productions, Faith was upgraded to featured work and managed to gain some credits through lines she was given, including a small part on an episode of ”Holby City” playing a drunk wedding guest, a handsome kissing couple in an episode of ”Endeavour” and a pregnant lady in an episode of ”Eastenders”.

In November 2014, Faith studied screen combat with The British Action Academy, completing Phase 1, but deciding not to pursue any further phases due to suffering from bruising, which she was concerned might affect her work.

Despite the challenges Faith faced which prevented her from being able to take the traditional route of studying an accredited acting course, Faith managed to secure enough credits to join Spotlight, ”the home of casting”, an absolute necessity for becoming a professional actress.

Faith signed with her first agent, ”Khando entertainment” in 2015.

She attended Cannes film festival in 2015 and 2016 with her agent, to promote her work and attend red carpet screenings.

In 2015 Faith had her first red carpet premier for her lead role in the phycological thriller feature film ”White Dreams” of ”Adriana”, a crazed axe welding girlfriend seeking revenge.

”Hitman in London” was released in 2015, where Faith played a small role of a woman who had been trafficked and forced into prostitution. Faith filmed a scene with Tom Hardy in ”Legend”, playing the photographer in Esmerelda’s bar, however her lines from this film were sadly cut from the final edit.

In 2015 Faith played several roles in short and feature films including ”Claire” in ”The Target” by Raj Film Productions, ”Amber” in ”One in the chamber” by Southampton productions and the lead role of ”Helen” in ”Remember, Remember” by Hastings Infinity Films.

Faith also started a party business in 2015, to help support her acting career. She runs the business ”The Princess Academy”, teaching children how to be a princess, in addition to running Paw Patrol parties.

In 2016 Faith began having her teeth straightened, which dramatically changed her look.

She filmed a Nandos advert for valentines day called ”Love at first bite”, playing the ”Girlfriend”, she also worked on a corporate shoot with The Eurotunnel playing the ”Bunny’s friend” for their Easter advertisements. Faith additionally worked on ”Drunk history: Geordie shore special”, playing the ”Posh shagger” in a scene about Ian Fleming, as well as working on more short films.

Training Meisner was something Faith enjoyed at The Actors temple, so in late 2016 she began training Meisner again, this time at The Cockpit Theatre.

Faith began writing in late 2016, with her first short film ”Boundaries” set to be released in 2017.

In early 2017 Faith has been cast in: ”The Trial of Rebecca Worlock” playing the lead of ”Rebecca” a woman who is on trial for murdering her husband, ”Mina” in ”A mysteries afoot”, a dark comedy about Dracula, with a foot fetish and ”Louise” in ”Porphyria”‘ a physiological thriller where Louise’ friend attempts to help her with a problem, however the drastic measures her delusional friend takes end in disaster. In addition to playing the ”Mum” in ”Curmudgeon”, where she plays alongside her daughter. This film tells the story of an incident which occurs when the mother and daughter meet a grumpy middle aged man.

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