Eva Perón

Eva María Duarte was born into a small poor village, Los Toldos. When she was still a child she always knew she wanted to break out and get more than the others from her life. She wanted to become an actress. At the age of 15, she seduced the singer Agustín Magaldi to take her with him on his journey to Buenos Aires, where she soon found work on stage and as a photo model. Some affairs later, she got her first film contract and starred in some minor roles. She soon realized that she hadn’t a very big talent on the stage and on the screen, but that she had quite some voice talent, and started working with great success in radio shows. Because she got friends in high ranks of politics, her film career also flourished. She started dating the revolutionist ‘Juan Perón’ and they soon married. With the help of the military Perón took over Argentina, and Eva became something like the “queen of hearts” of the poor. She tried to make the situation better for the lots of poor people in Argentina, and she will never be forgotten by them. She was the one who kept the spirit alive, and after her tragic death in 1952 Perón was never as successful as he was with her. Some years after her death, some other regime took over the country and he had to leave Argentina.

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