Estefania Iglesias

Estefania’s passion for acting started at a young age, often pretending to be a movie star with her grandmother as her audience. At the age of 17 her audience grew as she began a career in modeling starting in the south of Argentina. Estefania won the “Queen of the students” award, a trip that a student takes upon high school graduation. She moved from Santiago Del Estero to Buenos Aires after signing with a top modeling agency. Although she was attending the University of Buenos Aires for Social Communication, Estefania decided to continue her career as a model, working internationally in Italy, Spain, Turkey, France, Mexico, Peru, Chile and Brazil. She learned of different cultures, places, people and the Italian language fluently. She modeled in runways, commercials, editorials, catalogs, campaigns, experiencing the life and travel as a model but her true passion lead her to Los Angeles a little over 5 years ago. Immediatelly Estefania began with acting classes, coaching, improving her English, she graduated with honors from ACT. She’s done over 200 commercials. She won 5 awards including “Best Actress” for her role as Lynda in the movie “The Red Door” in The International Haunted Horror Film Festival and “Shockfest Film Festival”. Estefania is successfully advancing her career as an actress landing roles in several films including the lead in “Djinn”, “Bad Cop”, “Down For Life” to name a few.

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