Erin Micklow

Erin Micklow is an American model, SAG-AFTRA actress, wardrobe stylist and host, best known for her popular weekly show on YouTube, Last Rockers TV, where she travels the world covering punk rock festivals and giving punk rock bands a voice to tell their stories and promote their music and projects. In a short period of time, the show has amassed millions of channel views. Erin started her channel from the ground up with the punk rock DIY ethos, where she directs, films, produces, stars in and edits the show all herself. Regarded as one of the punk queens of the modern-day subculture because of her ties to the bands and her DIY self-made fashion designs, Erin is also a poplar model and fashion icon boasting a large online audience. Beginning a career as an actress and model in 2005, Erin has easily transitioned into the wave of the future, fully utilizing the invention of social media not only to her advantage, but to build herself into a legitimate brand, which has also resulted in numerous directors in recent years writing roles specifically for Erin in their films. With over 17 years of professional acting training at institutions such as Anthony Meindl, UCB, Groundlings, Howard Fine, Killian’s Commercial Workshop and more, companies and musicians hire her services as an actress and model to promote and advertise their products on her pages to her broad audience. Paralleling her career as a model, host and actress, Erin also works as a professional wardrobe stylist. In 2013, Erin branched out on her own as an independent stylist and image consultant putting looks together for clients for TV, film, music videos, editorial photo shoots, as well as red carpet events. Her styling work has been featured on The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, The Insider, TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, UsWeekly, Yahoo!, AOL, Huffington Post and MTV. Among her services outside of entertainment jobs, Erin offers personal shopping trips, closet raids, travel packing, and customized, hand made designs that she sews and creates herself. With all of that, Erin has also authored numerous fashion columns giving tips and advice to thousands of readers for publications such as wikiHow, Naluda Magazine,,, and

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