Erica Mary Gillheeney

Erica Mary Gillheeney was born and raised outside Providence, RI to Lawrence and Nancy Gillheeney. Growing up in a thriving artistic community Erica Mary became a lover of art, music and film at an early age. As a child she adamantly proclaimed that when she grew up she would live at the RISD art museum.

She moved to Charleston, SC in 2015 and began to pursue a career in acting. She first found success appearing on numerous true crime series including Lt. Kenda: Homicide Hunter. In 2018, Erica Mary landed a starring role as Barbie in the horror film Flesher.

Erica Mary is an avid animal rights activist spending her free time promoting a vegan lifestyle. She has two rescue animals; Koa, a blue Russian/tabby mix, and Ziggy Stardust, a terrier/chihuahua mix. She is a passionate world traveler and regularly practices yoga and meditation.

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