Dorothy Gulliver

As an avid movie fan, Dorothy got her chance to go to Hollywood when she won a Salt Lake City beauty contest sponsored by Universal Pictures. Signed by Universal after her successful screen test, Dorothy became one of the many contract actors working in small bit parts. She became well known due to her roles in series and serial movies from ‘College Love (1929)’ to ‘The Last Frontier (1932)’. Dorothy appeared in a number of low budget Westerns such as ‘In Old Cheyenne (1931)’ and ‘The Fighting Marshal (1932)’. Over the years that she appeared in Westerns, she worked with actors such as Jack Hoxie, Hoot Gibson, Wild Bill Elliott and John Wayne. By 1933, Dorothy found that her roles had become so small that in the film ‘King Kong (1933)’, she would be credited as “Girl”. For the rest of the decade, she appeared in but a handful of films which were mostly ‘B’ movie Westerns. After that, she left films.

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