Donna Mae Roberts

Donna Mae Roberts was born in Los Angeles, she was the daughter of Walter Roberts and Cora H. Myers. She went to the University in California, where she majored in psychology and belonged to two honorary scholastic fraternities. She left her classes at the end at the end of her junior year to join the chorus. Donna Mae Roberts started as a “Goldwyn girl” in movies, and was a chorus girl in a couple of Busby Berkeley-movies. She also played small parts in Warner Bros-movies of the 1930’s.

Donna Mae Roberts had the highest intelligence quotient of 54 chorus girls given a bona fide test by Prof. Neil Warren of the university of Soutern California. Her IQ rating was 132, which falls in the “near Genius” class. Since the test, Donna Mae Roberts was being acclaimed: “The smartest chorus girl in Hollywood”.

Donna Mae Roberts career started to decline in the late 1930’s, during that period she did some extra work and then retired from the screen.

Her first husband was Paul Spark, who died in 1943. Her second was Robert Roderick, she had a son by this second marriage.

Donna Mae Roberts died at the Cottonwood Care Center in Gardnerville in 1996. Her body was cremated at Fitzhenry’s Crematory.

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