Diêm Camille G.

Diêm Camille G. was born March 24, 1992 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. At the age of 5, she moved permanently to Denmark with her father. At age 10, Diêm knew that she wanted to be an actress due to her love for old dramatic Western movies. She studied drama, music, English and Spanish in high school, and joined an athletics club.

In 2017, after graduating from Copenhagen Business School, she got her first role in a TV series, Warrior (2018) directed by Christoffer Boe. In 2018, she landed her first comedic role on season 1, 3 and 4 of the hit series 29 (2018). In 2019, she got a lead role in the short film “Olivia” directed by Stine Likodelle Keller Søegaard. In the meantime, Diêm was offered a part in the feature film Druk (2020) directed by Thomas Vinterberg, and a role in the TV crime series adaption of the books The Sommerdahl Murders (2020).

In March 2019, Diêm took her self-written dialogue from the 2nd audition to the Danish School of Performing Arts, and turned it into the short film Doll (2020) with four fellow colleagues, shot in one hour, during which she directed and starred in the film. Doll (2020) has won 5 awards, including awards for Best Actress and Best First Time Director in Festigious LA, Actors Awards LA and NY Film Awards.

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