Danielle Parker

Danielle began her career in Orlando, FL at age four through participation in a local children’s theatre program that Danielle immensely enjoyed. Following her first role as Pepper in a rendition of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians, Danielle was hooked on performing. This young performance exhibited both Danielle’s early talent as well as her love for performance. Following this performance, Danielle continued participating in stage theatre, as well as working on commercials, short films, and print work. When Danielle was six, she relocated west to Southern California, thus expanding her opportunities. Her big break came at the age of eight when she booked the recurring role of Emma Lavery on All My Children. In addition to acting, Danielle loves school, where she is a stellar student. She enjoys reading and continues to attend school and thrive academically. Danielle is an active young lady, and enjoys playing soccer and running with her dog Coconut.

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