Cynthia Khalifeh

Born to a family of art lovers and spending most of childhood in the authentic town of Batroun by the sea, Cynthia grew up experimenting with all kinds of different self-expression: she learned to love how to sing, paint, play music and act.

Her acting debut took place at the tender age of 11 when she landed a supporting role in 2 episodes of the then-popular sitcom “Abdo w Abdo” on LBCI. Cynthia has pursued her passion for acting through numerous projects and productions, appearing in many pan-Arab drama productions over the years such as Ruby and Jouzour, to name a few.

TV being her other passion, Cynthia quickly started nourishing that talent by appearing on MTV since its re-opening in 2009 through shows like @MTV, NRJ Music Videos, NRJ Spin Mag, Go Green, Preview, Killer Karaoke and last but not least Coke Studio on MBC 4. She actively participated in these shows not only as a host, but also as an assistant and/or producer to some of them.

With a near-full schedule, Cynthia still found time to pursue a filmmaking degree at the “Institut Etudes Scéniques Audiovisuelles” at the Saint Joseph University in Beirut, and resumed her studies at the Notre-Dame University.

She is constantly looking to evolve, and has had the chance of working with some of the industry’s most famous teachers, mentors and co-workers.

She strives to become even better in all aspects, as she continues growing as Lebanon’s sweetheart thanks to her kind attitude and determined ambition.

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