Clemency Burton-Hill

Clemency Burton-Hill has an extensive career in acting, writing, journalism and music. The multi-faceted native of London, England was born to TV presenter and writer Humphrey Burton and Gillian Hawser, an agent (who had married Robert I. Hill in 1970). Clemency attended several schools including St Paul’s Girls’ School, Westminster School and later attended Magdalene College in Cambridge, England. Her career in acting began in 1992 with credits heavily involved with television series and television-films. Among her credits, she has been in several films and television series. She is best known from the sequel film Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God (2005), playing the fledgling mage who became the unlikely heroine who ultimately saved the kingdom from a menacing dragon. She also appeared in the disaster drama Supernova (2005) starring Luke Perry, Tia Carrere, Lance Henriksen and Peter Fonda. In 2006, she played a Princess in the video sequel The Prince & Me II: The Royal Wedding (2006). Her television credits include Party Animals (2007), The Palace (2008) Poirot (1989) in 2008 and Plum Daily (2010). She lent her voice to an animated feature A Fox’s Tale (2008).

In addition to her acting career, Clemency is also a musician having attended the Royal College of Music. Her writing and journalistic works include writing for “Vogue” and several British publications including “The Economist”, “The Guardian” among many more titles. In other media, Clemency has been a presenter for numerous BBC shows and programs including more recent work in 2010 for the BBC Young Musician 2010 show on BBC Four during the months of April and May of that year. She reprised her presenter role in 2012 for the same program. Showing her generous nature, Clemency has extended her interest in the charitable program called Dramatic Need, designed to bring the creative arts to underprivileged children.

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