Claudia Church

Claudia began her career in the entertainment arts as a country music singer performing at various Opry’s around Texas as well as the famed, “Louisiana Hayride.” Upon graduating from college, she began working as a fashion model traveling the globe working with top modeling agencies such as Karin Models in Paris, France. After being cast in numerous commercials she began taking acting classes and landed roles on the T.V. show, “Dallas.” Her first acting role, playing a model for Sue Ellen’s new lingerie company met with controversy and was almost not allowed to air on CBS. Claudia became the first woman seen in lingerie on prime time television(albeit conservatively dressed by today’s standards). She continued pursuing her music career and was eventually signed with Warner Brothers/Reprise. She married singer/songwriter Rodney Crowell. Upon releasing her self-titled debut CD,produced by Crowell Claudia achieved “Billboard” and “R and R” chart success and toured the globe, including numerous USO shows in and around Bosnia. When her music career ran its course, Claudia resumed her acting career. Some of her most recent roles include playing a meth addict in the film, “Captive,” the CEO of a pharmaceutical company on “Drop Dead Diva” which airs on the Lifetime Channel as well as playing an OB/GYN on ABC’S, “Nashville.”

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