Claudia Barrett

California native Imogene Williams (born in Los Angeles, raised in Sherman Oaks) was a student at The Pasadena Playhouse when an agent helped her get a contract with Warner Bros. Under her new name, Claudia Barrett, Warners gave her juicy secondary parts in several films, and freelance work with Republic Pictures earned her leads in a number of horse operas. In 1953 she starred in what would become her most noted picture, Robot Monster (1953), opposite George Nader. Released by third-string distributor Astor Pictures, the film is of an uncommonly low quality, and has generated a wide cult following with fans of bad and campy movies. Following this dubious project, Ms. Barret acted extensively on television for several years. After leaving show business entirely in the early 1960s, she spent 14 years working for AMPAS. More recently, she has kept busy as an artist, whose work is represented in galleries and has been commercially published.

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