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Christine Kilmer

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Christine Kilmer is an actress and filmmaker. Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, she spent her days digging holes to China and reenacting various scenes from Star Wars with her sisters. When the summers were too hot, they braved many bouts of dysentery, cholera, and hunting accidents on the Oregon Trail.

When she was eleven, she wrote her own version of Star Wars: Episode VII, starring herself and her siblings. After several rewrites over the course of a single Christmas Break, Christine sent her thirty-two page screenplay to George Lucas where it was ultimately rejected. As a result of her creative bravery, however, she was inducted into the the prestigious and highly competitive: Jedi Club.

Career highlight was having her forehead licked by Cloris Leachman during filming of, High Holiday. Christine hasn’t washed her face since. In fact, she’s made a shrine for Ms. Leachman on the spot where she was licked and now refers to her forehead as her Clorhead.

Christine takes everything very seriously and never jokes.

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