Cherinda Kincherlow

Funny and talented actress Cherinda Kincherlow is a native of Compton, California and has dreamed of becoming an actor since she was five years old. Cherinda received a BFA degree in acting from the prestigious California Institute of the Arts. After graduating from Cal Arts, Cherinda landed her first role in Peter Gabriel’s music video THE BARRY WILLIAMS SHOW directed by Oscar award-winner Sean Penn. After that, she landed a recurring role on Nickelodeon’s hit sketch comedy show ALL THAT. While continuing her ventures into television, Cherinda was blessed with the opportunity to work alongside Oscar and Golden Globe winner Mo’nique as her assistant in the Oxygen promo for MO’NIQUES FAT CHANCE. In 2009, Cherinda was cast as La Precious in the much buzzed about Lionsgate released film CRANK 2: HIGH VOLTAGE where she got the opportunity to work with the late Cory Haim. The directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor filmed the improv rehearsal between Cherinda and Corey Haim on location. The footage was later used in the film replacing the one line Cherinda was originally cast to speak. Since then Cherinda has enjoyed more endeavors into television landing her first principal role as the fugitive Larene Austin in the final episode of the longest-running program in the history of FOX, AMERICA’S MOST WANTED. She also guest starred as the humorous and fiesty Chanel in Cedric the Entertainer’s pilot All Rise. Cherinda also starred in the web series “40” playing 17 year old Wheezie and the Gospel Music channel’s BROTHER WHITE as Tanisha Jones directed by Brian Herzlinger. On a infinite roll of bookings, she was cast in a two episode guest star role as Darlene in Disney Channel’s A.N.T. FARM opposite TV star Chyna McClain and a co-star role on her favorite sitcom MODERN FAMILY, which was a dream come true for her. Cherinda has recently had the opportunity to show the world her versatility in a more dramatic role as Kiara on ABC Family’s popular drama series THE FOSTERS. This multi-talented actress can currently (Season 3 June 2015)be seen as the troubled and sassy Kiara in the Girls United story line alongside Rosie O’donnell in the drama series created by Peter Paige and Bradly Bredeweg, executive produced by Jennifer Lopez and Benny Medina.

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