Charlene Aldridge

Charlene Aldridge born in Walsall, West Midlands, grew up in East London from the age of 4. As a child, she was always the performer, re-enacting characters from films she had watched. particularly the carry on films. Her late grandfather was her hero and , just before his death, he encouraged Charlene to pursue acting on a professional level and told her to never quit no matter what. Taking part in every school play, Charlene then got a paper round job, where she would work before she went to school to pay for a drama workshop, as she couldn’t afford to attend drama school nor had encouragement or support from her parents. Charlene started out as a film and TV extra where she gained knowledge of how things are run on a set. After years of hard graft and some challenging life experiences, Charlene appeared in “the reluctant Landlord” starring Romesh Ranganathan as the toilet woman and “Turn up Charlie” as the A and R scout starring Idris Elba. Charlene then went on to make her own short film “Broken Promises” in 2018 where she won Best Actress and best short when it was submitted into festivals, something she’s very proud of today. Charlene has now made noise in the industry starring along side Zara Phythian in “tribal Get out alive” which will be distributed globally, and is now Filming on her first ever Lead role in feature film “losing faith” alongside Patrick Bergin who starred in Hollywood’s “sleeping with the enemy” with Julia Roberts. Charlene has basic combat skills, she has a passion for the Gym and yoga. She is inspired and admires actor Tom Hardy for his versatility and Aspires to work with him one day. Her favorite actress is Bette Davis, a legendary actress who starred in thriller “what ever happened to baby Jane”

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