Brette Taylor

Brette Taylor is a prolific American actress recognized for her work in film and television; most prominently as the ball-busting, wild-child Pam York in ABC’s hit Nashville (2012), Martha Wayne on Gotham (2014), Fox’s new series Prodigal Son (2019), as well as her memorable role as Crazy Debbie opposite Denis Leary in the FX drama Rescue Me (2004).

No stranger to playing strong, Daedalian women, Taylor’s tough girl persona earned her the nickname “Chick Nolte” while playing FBI agent, Karen Maguire in A&E’s The Beast (2009). This spirited reputation also paved the way for success in both the video game and interactive world; most notably as a southern gang leader in the top-selling game Red Dead Redemption II (2018) and as Lieutenant Elizabeth Grant in #WarGames (2018), an interactive series based on the 1983 movie.

Brette was raised in New York City and attended the prestigious High School of Performing Arts where she studied both acting and dance. Her passion for dance also led her to study with the Cincinnati Ballet Preparatory Company at the University of Cincinnati’s renowned College Conservatory of Music. Taylor credits her mother, Christine Parks, also a seasoned actor, as having a positive influence on her career.

Taylor continues to produce and collaborate as a writer, producer and actor through projects that highlight her connection to streetwise, straight-shooting women. “Creating characters like these is what I crave”, Brette says. She recently starred in Windows To Nowhere (2020), an indie film scheduled for release in spring of 2020.

Brette is also a passionate singer-songwriter who wrote, produced and performed on her debut album, Breaking News, available via numerous streaming platforms. As an accomplished equestrian, she is a tireless advocate for horse safety, pressing for improved housing and stable standards. Given her penchant for fighting the good fight, it should also come as no surprise that Brette is a serious boxer, accomplished in the art of Muay Thai, and has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

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