Blaire Baron

Blaire Baron is an award winning playwright, actor and theatre director. Beginning with an acting career that spans 25 years on TV, film and stage – she has been in indie & blockbuster films (A League of Their Own) and made over 40 television appearances (Seinfeld, Ellen, Malcolm in the Middle with Brian Cranston) Blaire evolved from an acting career to directing and writing. She is widely known for her work as Founder/Artistic Director of the Los Angeles Drama Club (the youngest Shakespeare Troupe in the U.S.) for which she has received awards and honors – most recently from PBS as Community Champion. She teaches Shakespeare to undeserved children and also children in Africa and Mexico. Blaire wrote/produced the documentary, Women In Boxes, (about Magic Assistants – the only film in which Teller of Penn&Teller speaks on camera. Blaire recently co-wrote, produced and co-starred in The Candidate, an award winning short (2016) with Robin McDonald. Blaire won Outstanding Achievement in Playwrighting for “The Milk Meetings” (Ophelia Theatre Co, NYC). Blaire’s Shakespeare themed Trilogy (Outspoken, Illspoken & Unspoken) debuted at Broadwater in 2018, her play, The Below, debuted at the 2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival and New York New Works Festival.

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