Beatrice King

Beatrice King is a talented young actress who has quickly become one of Canada’s rising stars.

Working with Hugh Jackman on X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Glee Star Cory Monteith on Sisters & Brothers and Joseph Gordon- Levitt on 50/50, Beatrice has launched onto the big screen with a bang. Some of her other credits include FOX’s Human Target, CW’s Supernatural and USA’s Psych.

In March of 2013, Beatrice moved to Los Angeles along with her 01 VISA to continue her journey!

A small-town Canadian girl with humble beginnings, Beatrice has always based her success on hard work and education.

Shifting her talents in University and graduating with Distinctive Honors and her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Beatrice went on to complete a Full-time program at the Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts for Film and Television.

While living in Vancouver, she trained with Leonardo DiCaprio and Hilary Swank’s Acting Coach Larry Moss. He has given Beatrice a distinctive edge to reach new heights.

Beatrice became a disciplined performer and artist at a young age as she excelling in ballet, piano and competitive figure skating.

Beatrice is forever thankful for the drive instilled in her by her supportive Swiss Father and Chinese/Spanish Mother. Her parent’s support for her passion was a natural extension of their interests as well.

When Beatrice isn’t performing or in class herself, she enjoys instructing young aspiring actors with Andrew McIlroy & Associates.

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