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Aya Furukawa

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Aya Furukawa was born in Vancouver, Canada. Raised Bilingual, she is fluent in both English and Japanese.

In her earlier years as a child, Aya worked on commercials, print ads, and made her acting debut on The Cabin in the Woods (2011). However, due to nerves, she did not further pursue acting until later years and focused on her talents in art/illustration.

While living in Tokyo for 2 months, Aya was scouted by a talent agency on the streets. However, due to not being a local, she was rejected. The incident sparked a new interest in her, and so, after returning to Vancouver, she signed with her former agency in 2018 and begun to work towards acting.

Since then, Aya has discovered a passion for the craft of acting and quickly booked her first recurring role as Sachiko in The Terror (2018).

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