Ashlie Brillault

Ashlie was born in San Francisco and raised in Long Beach, and inherited the laid-back and down-to-earth Southern California attitude. At an extremely young age, her mother noticed the passion and excitement Ashlie had for performing and got her feet wet by introducing her to the world of modeling. She landed her first modeling job at the age of three and continued to model in many print ads, fashion shows and was a regular in Kmart’s national advertising campaigns. At the age of six, Ashlie decided she no longer enjoyed, “having her hair curled” and desired something more interactive, so she began acting classes at the Beverly Hills Acting School.

With great support of her mother and father, Ashlie continued her pursuit in the performing arena with countless dance, singing and acting classes. She aced her first ever television audition, leading her to a co-starring role on the new Disney show Lizzie McGuire (2001). As Lizzie’s ex-best friend, Ashlie’s character is the popular, pretty and utterly snobby junior high student we all love to hate. Another testament to her acting ability is the fact she can portray this character’s attributes with great sincerity, while they are so opposite of her generous spirit and kind soul.

Following the momentous success of the television show, Disney created The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Ashlie jumped at the chance of filming a movie, packed her bags, and traveled to both Canada and Rome for the filming. She relished in the opportunity to improve and diversify her acting skills on this new adventure. She counts the experience of working on her first feature film and working abroad, as one of the best experiences in her life so far.

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