Aruzhan Jazilbekova

Aruzhan was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan. From the very early age Aruzhan has always been a leader. First place winner on ballroom dance competitions, class monitor, student council member. Being only 16 years old Aruzhan won a modeling contest Ford Models Supermodel of Kazakhstan and became an international model. During next several years she was modeling in New York and Paris. In 2007 Aruzhan had her bachelor degree in international journalism and mass communications. It took her only two years after graduation to become a chief editor of local business magazine. Despite her success in journalism, Aruzhan decided to change her life completely when she got an invitation to play a lead in her debut film “Swings”. In 2013 Aruzhan applied for UCLA Acting program and went to Los Angeles to study. In 2016 received Kazakhstan Film Critics Association Award (Best actress in leading role) for comedy “Wedding for three”.

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