Antonia Bergman

Antonia Bergman was born in Germany. She is known as an actress in Vulcano, Little Murders and Tatort. Five years old Antonia started taking ballet lessons. At the age of ten she decided to become a professional dancer. In order to follow her dream she joined a dance company and attended Broadway Dance Center and Steps on Broadway (NYC) among others beside her dance education in Germany. At sixteen she had her debut as an actress on stage at the Euro Theater Central in Bonn. After graduation she was accepted at the ‘ Academy for Music and Theater’ to study acting in Hamburg Germany. During her acting studies she had a lot of opportunities to act in school productions as well at Stadttheater Luebeck and Ernst Deutsch Theater. She finished her acting studies with a diploma in 2001. Antonia won a scholarship to go to Los Angeles to work with Eric Morris in 2000. She also went to Chicago to take classes in Stand-Up comedy at The Second City. After 2001 she played Juliet in “Romeo and Juliet”, Gretchen in “Faust” and the solo piece “Why does John Lennon wear a skirt?” at Ernst Deutsch Theater, Hamburg. In her twenties Antonia moved to Cologne, Germany, where she continued to work at several theaters. During this time she started to work for film and television. 2006 she was at Stadttheater Kiel as Elisabeth in Don Carlos. Since then she works mainly in film and television. She also has been modeling for a short period of time but stopped because it interfered with her acting ambitions.

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