Angela Todd

Angela Todd (aka Chavez) and nicknamed “Ms. Hollywood” by her mother due to her innate ability to play dress up and throw theatrical tantrums as a child, was positioned early in her childhood to entertain in beauty pageants, modeling, ballet, tap and jazz dance performance competitions. With the encouragement of her strong Hispanic family, her father a drummer and musician and dearest grandfather she called Popo, a multi-talented Navy Boxer, joke teller and superstar Mariachi who played every instrument, “little Angie” would laugh, sing and dance her heart out at every family gathering. A real ‘Re-percussion’, it was no surprise to see this little jam session performer alongside the most important men in her life shaking the maracas, hitting the cowbell, beating on the congas and shimmying the tambourine all while dancing to the beats.

Angela’s passion for dancing and performing led her into cheerleading, dance productions and stage performances through her elementary, high school and college years. This resulted in her choreographing hip hop and other dance styles for female singing and dance groups, including touring the OC showcasing live venues with her own dance group, ‘2-Hip Crew’. Expanding her love of entertaining, she began hosting local television shows, which led into the production of music videos, documentaries, TV and radio commercials. Digging deep into her strong Hispanic roots, Angela’s talents blossomed into dramatic roles for theater and film, including television roles for martial arts, stunt and fight choreography.

Diving head-first into every opportunity to be a part of and tell a story, hereditary humor from her father figures and her own crazy life experiences, Angela enjoys making people laugh by writing comedy and action adventure screenplays. Angela believes that if at the end of the day you can’t laugh at yourself and all the crazy characters that come into your life, then you should have a glass of wine until you can.

Angela has always found ways to be involved in charity outreach and philanthropy and in 2006 co-founded the Todd WorldWide Foundation (TWWF) a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit organization and under its umbrella, dba entities Venue Blue and Chchchange 4 Change. TWWF’s mission is focused on mentoring, supporting and uplifting leaders of other non-profit organizations. TWWF provides missions through sports, homes for the homeless, care for orphans and startup business opportunities to eradicate poverty. Venue Blue and Chchchange 4 Change helps other nonprofit’s generate awareness and support in fund raising efforts by providing media partners, production, celebrity, dignitary, sponsors, vendors, volunteers and donors to help produce and participate in live and pre-produced concert events, galas and special events.

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