Andrea Stefancikova

Andrea Stefancikova is a Canadian actress and producer. She was born in Bratislava, in what was communist Czechoslovakia and is now the capital of Slovakia. She has been creatively expressing herself through dance, piano, writing and singing from young age. She immigrated to North America with her family in 1998; trained and began acting in her early twenties, but as a former international model, Andrea only fully dedicated herself to the craft in 2011 when she moved to Vancouver, BC, where she now resides. She has since accumulated an impressive volume of credits with growing success in the indie film circuit. She is fluent in English, Slovak, Italian, Czech and has spoken Russian on screen. Her exceptional acting, linguistic and musical talents have made her a versatile and sought-after rising star in the entertainment industry. Andrea Stefancikova is best known for her starring role in the Canadian action drama Promiseland, receiving a Star to Watch Award for her breakthrough at Whistler Film Fest 2019; and her notable appearances in the multi award-winning films such as Unmasked, Dark Harvest, and Below Her Mouth. She is first of the ensemble cast of the thriller drama, Corona, recognized as the first COVID-19 movie of the corona-virus era, slated to have its world premiere in 2020.

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