Andrea Sevilla

In more than 50 campaigns, she has played pretend with directors such as Errol Morris, John Adams, Rodrigo Garcia, Dave Merhar, Jeffrey Fleisir, Juan Taratuto, Carolina Zorrilla de San Martin, Mike Bigelow, Ray Dillman, David Dryer, and Richard Goldstone. Theatrically, Andrea has performed next to Paul Giammatti in Universal Studios “Big Fat Liar”, Doris Roberts and Mare Winningham in “Touched by an Angel”, Lisa Vidal and Blair Underwood in “High Incident”, and Milo Ventimiglia in “Chosen”, to name a few. Andrea Sevilla is fluent in three languages: English, Spanish, and French. With the love and support of Abrams, Ruballoff & Lawrence, one of the best three commercial agencies in the country, she enjoyed her first 11 years of constant commercial bookings. Agents Pat Dawson and Myra Berger in the on-camera department together with Mark Quinn in VO gave her the support needed to keep improving her craft with Actors Steve Eastin of the Charles Conrad Studio, Kimberly Jentzen with the Living Art Institute, Lee Strasberg Institute, and dozens of different teachers/CDs at TVI (including GH’s Mark Teschner) and Lori Lively as a private coach. When ARL closes its doors, Andrea moved to Abrams Artists Agency’s Mark Measures and William Morris Agency’s Eric Seastrand in the VO division.

Andrea Sevilla started her on-camera career as a teen while living in Mexico. She began as a TV Host when she competed and won the chance to lead “TV-Rock” every Sunday morning on XHAW-TV-12, one of the pioneer shows that introduced the first music videos in the late 80s. Thanks to her popularity, she was able to perform in dinner and musical theatre simultaneously. Her voice became so popular, she was able to work in the world of radio. She lent her voice to different ad campaigns on radio stations such as FM-Globo, Sonido 90, Kono, Stereo 7, etc.

1987 was a key year for her career. After battling a tough, live, and national competition during 6 months, Andrea gained fame and recognition by winning and becoming “XE-TU” TV host on Televisa/2, a well-known musical and game show designed for teens. Andrea took advantage of her stay in Mexico City and improved her acting skills at Carmen Montejo’s school and her dance knowledge at Centro de Capacitacion Televisa.

Andrea decided to move North and took a job as TV Host for Univision KINT in El Paso, TX. Also, and at KBNA radio, part of the Tischner Group, she was given the opportunity to be funny as a a morning DJ next to Jose Luis Garcia, one of the most loved Radio DJs of the area.

In 1990, Andrea Sevilla moved to the Bay Area and took a new challenge in her career. Without any previous journalistic experience, she was offered a job as News Anchor for Univision, Channel 14 in San Francisco. After two intense years, she finally built enough courage to fly South and fulfill her first dream: act in Hollywood.

Her new theatrical home is 90210 Talent Agency.

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