Andrea M. Anderson

Andrea Anderson is an Actress known for Fresh off the Boat(2015), Arrested Development(2005)and award winning Film Southern dysComfort(2012). Was born in Louisville, Kentucky and raised in Hammond, Indiana with three brothers.

Her first experience of performing was at a young age was during years of dance recitals, followed by Modeling. Later came various talent shows and calendar girl contest, along the Miss Fitness USA competition featured on ESPN. Later taking the stage again, she toured the East Coast with dance troupe The Slippendolls. While residing years in Cincinnati, Ohio she took her Ice Skating talent and formed promotion skating group, The ICE BABIES, for hockey team, The Cincinnati Cyclones.

Her background many commercials including Snapple, Boston Market and Toyota. Along with Hosting including lifestyle shows American Hot, Best of Boca and Main Street Del Rey Beach. Singing would not really be part of this list, however while visiting Las Vegas she was chosen onstage by award winning singer Toni Braxton and sang together, “Another Sad Love Song”. People were so entertained, asking “are you here every Saturday night”?

Staying determined and focused to be a Actress in TV & Film, once landing in LA she worked many odd jobs including, audience work and a year as a CBS Page learning from behind the scenes.

She keeps busy by donating time to Make A Wish Foundation & The Stuart House. Her passion and talent for Organization & Interior Decorating turned into a business many years ago. Conducting makeovers, space management & treasure hunting.

Back in the day, for many years, she could be found in the neighborhoods and highways of Cincinnati wearing a hard hat, work boots and tool belt. Not as an Actress, but as a Construction worker and member of the Labor Union.

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