Amber Jene

Amber’s parents met on a bus in Honolulu, Hawaii, and knew each other for 10 days before getting married. Amber was born 9 months later.

Growing up in Hawaii, Texas, and The San Francisco Bay Area, Amber was always moving with her parents. Her family split up, got back together, went to war, went to prison, their pets came and went, and she became the new kid in different cities and states.

Within that whirlwind was always the constant of encouragement to delve into creativity and entertainment. The thing that always felt solid was Amber’s dreams to move to Los Angeles to act and do comedy.

Amber’s family and schools nurtured her longing to perform, and she starred in many school plays and musicals in state of the art facilities. Her counselors in school always encouraged her to take more math and science classes and apply to schools outside of the arts. But Amber was stubborn and knew what she wanted. She only took ‘fun’ classes through high school. Same thing happened in college, which she quit as soon as she started working in comedy professionally.

At age 20 she became a professional improviser in San Jose. Her passion for improv inspired her to move to Chicago, but at the last minute, she decided on her original plan to move to Los Angeles. She has lived in Los Angeles since 2011.

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