Alorangel, born January 22, 1992, United States of America, is very popular around the world. She is a shy natured and clever mastermind. She is an official producer and songstress with inimitable powerful vocals dwelling inside her petite baby doll frame. Having different royal bloodlines dating to 950AD; (James l, King of Scotland Stewart, her 19th great grandfather) on her father’s side, she has rationalized a unique form of royalty when born high titled in the United States compounded with independence and of diverse cultures. Yet, much of her is still an angelic enigma…

She won two science fairs at 2nd place, was nominated at a 2018 top 100 music contest, is licensed by Warner Chappell of WMG of legendary songwriters, is an author certified by the USCCB organization, is BillBoard, Vevo, and MTV certified, has a DMD Design and Animation degree, received honors, awards, and scholarships with a 4.0GPA, and is soon to join NARAS. Received 10K+ streams overnight, received a live interview from Nylon, received a Model Citizen Magazine cover offer, was written by BuzzMusic, Music-News, and multiple affiliated news outlets, was tagged by L’Officiel and Vogue’s social networks, is one of the top major hit influential recording artists with powerful voices, landed on Vevo as an indie filmographer and was dubbed a more serious artist.

Her music became top major hits when one of her tracks was on the Spotify editorial playlist with 10K streams in a week and received 101MM+ global streams from all releases. She has several B+ exposure and is a hit influential artist with a powerful voice. She became a new celebrity in 2018, was played at a local Colorado radio station, received many movie roles, modeling, and tour offers, and entered the 2nd top 100 song contest at rank #32. Her 2016 EP received thousands of streams and downloads on MonkingMe and IndieSound and she received an official musical note on her YouTube channel.

She was rated #2 at a popularity rank. Digital copies of her songs are constantly being purchased worldwide from many different countries. Her name is on HealthyCelebs and she received an offer to perform live in Los Angeles, California. Age 10, she earned her Girl Scout badges, sash, and awards. She also once worked inside a science laboratory conducting botany experiments. She completed the 150ft elevated obstacle course and wall rock climbing at age 14, has learned martial arts, developed many skills in DMD Design and 2-3D Animation, and sold many signed children Biblical printed copies.

She has published releases with animation album designs, worked at a photography and graphics design firm, sold a few cartoon sketches, once released an interactive e-pub through Apple with her character and narration voice-overs, and has 295+ hit tracks having gone viral worldwide with Lord You Are Everything to Me (2018) being the #1 top best seller as per her other hit tracks. Was included in one of the popular various artists’ album, was included in many popular music playlists, almost pursued an official modeling photoshoot, received an offer to perform live in Los Angeles, California, and has published a 3D model design. She has departed from Spotify and is remaining on all other multitudes of music platforms.

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