Alice Moran

Alice Moran is a vibrant young actor, writer and comedian from Toronto, Ontario. She broke into the entertainment industry as a teenager when she started working for The Second City as a writer and performer.

Alice is best known for her multiple roles on City TV’s Sunnyside (2015). “Sunnyside” is a sketch comedy series created by award winners Gary Pearson and Dan Redican and stars top Canadian comedic talent, including Kathleen Phillips and Pat Thornton. Alice plays a variety of roles, with fan favorites including Hipster Stacey and Meth Georgette.

Her TV credits include CBC’s The Ron James Show (2009), Family Channel’s The Next Step (2013) and the sci-if comedy series Space Janitors (2012). Alice has appeared regularly on Superchannel’s comedy panel series, Too Much Information (2014).

Working at Second City, Moran’s credits include ‘S#!* My Mayor Says’, ‘Dysfunctional Holiday Revue’ and ‘Are We There Yet?’. Her sketch ‘Hogwarts: Which House Are You’ has been featured on major news outlets, including The Huffington Post, CBS News and Time, and was highlighted in College Humor’s “Year in Funny” in 2011.

Alice served as the artistic consultant at The Bad Dog Theatre in Toronto where she created, produced and performed in a variety of shows, including ‘Doctor Whom’, which was nominated for Best Comedic Play at the Canadian Comedy Awards in 2011.

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