Alexandra Neil

Alexandra Neil is an actress best-known for her work on daytime television. She has played a wide range of characters on different shows — from surgeon “Paige Miller” on One Life to Live (1968) to town tramp “Ruby Wright” on Texas (1980). Her other shows include As the World Turns (1956) (“Dawn Wheeler”), Guiding Light (1952) (“Rose McClaren Shayne”), All My Children (1970) (“Casey Wexler”), Another World (1964) (“Dawn Wheeler”), Ryan’s Hope (1975) (“Teresa/Poppy Donoghue”), and others. She has also appeared in episodic television (in a number of guest star roles), and in some interesting indie films, as well as some bigger films. Alexandra works in theater, and has appeared on Broadway — in Tom Stoppard’s “Rock ‘n’ Roll”, and in Stephen Belber’s “Match”. She is married to actor John C. Vennema. She has one daughter, Zoe Ruffner, and a stepdaughter, Bess Vennema.

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