Aaryn Doyle

Aaryn Doyle is a Canadian actress, singer, songwriter, and model. Doyle has done commercial, film, and television, acting; as well as lending her voice to many animation or voice-over projects including Gemini Award nominated animation series and pilots. She’s also acted and starred in CBC radio dramas. Between the ages of 10 & 12 Doyle recorded over 70 original gospel songs as a member of a youth gospel trio, for CRP. In recent years her voice could be heard in various commercial jingles for national and international ad campaigns aired on television and radio. In 2005 she was a member of the CTV’s Canadian Idol choir. While juggling being a student and an actor, Aaryn Doyle also finds time to be the female lead vocalist for TBS a dynamite 12 piece Toronto band. Doyle feels blessed to have the opportunity to work with some of the industry’s leading professionals. Even though she feels she’s learned a lot during her young career; Aaryn knows there is still much to do and learn, in order to master her craft and live up to her full potential.

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