William Xiong

Billy Xiong was born in Laos during the Vietnam War. He lived a life filled with hard labor, poverty, hunger and day to day survival. After the Vietnam War ended in 1975, Billy, his parents, and other siblings with hundreds of other Hmong families, fled to the jungle to avoid capture by North Vietnamese soldiers. Constantly on the move at night, resting during the day, hiding in caves, trees and jungle undergrowth. After a period of 3 years evading capture, Billy and his family finally reached the safety of Thailand in January 1979. The family and Billy were put in a refugee camp for almost 8 years. While living in the refugee camp, martial art action films were coming from China to Thailand. Billy one day hoped to become a movie director after years of watching those martial art action films. The dream faded with time after years in the refugee camp, and the realization that becoming a movie director here would never happen. In 1987, a golden opportunity occurred. Billy was allowed immigration to the United States and moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2000, Billy traveled back to Asia to produce his first feature film in Thailand. Billy with his brother produced, directed, and starred in a low budget drama called, “2 Loves in One Dream”. The film found a niche market allowing Billy to finance a more ambitious action feature in 2003 titled, “Revenge For Lost Love” also produced in Thailand. Soon thereafter, Billy began to write “Opposite Blood”. For years the “Opposite Blood” project struggled into production due to setbacks. On December 2008, Billy was able to finally post the first casting call ad with the Minnesota Film and TV Board. Auditions were held in St. Paul, Minnesota in February 2009. After cast selection was finalized, “Opposite Blood” went into full production in July of 2009 and completed in 2012. Opposite Blood was featured in Twin Cities Film Festival in Minnesota on October 17 2012. Billy also premiered his project Opposite Blood at Carmike Theater in Minnesota on October 19, 20 and 21 2012. Opposite Blood was the very first Hmong film that had ever been converted into DCP and shown on the big screen by a major theater in America. Billy’s career ambition is to use the motion picture medium of entertainment, combined with original and engaging storytelling, to increase the awareness of Hmong culture to mainstream audiences. Billy is currently live in Los Angeles California in pursuing his career as a filmmaker.

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