Wade Thalberg

Wade Allen Thalberg was born July 4th, 1975 in Montevideo (the stars aligned from the beginning!) Minnesota, where he spent his childhood doing who knows what. What we do know, is that he was a class clown, and a trouble maker. Wade agreed with his teachers and decided school was no longer for him. He dropped out in the eleventh grade, but ironically decided to enroll at Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Pheonix, Arizona. Assuming he actually graduated, and didn’t forge his diploma, he was offered a job with a motorcycle dealership (who prefers to remain nameless) and worked there for a few years before he decided he wanted to be a tool….er….sell tools. He opened a MAC Tools franchise and I’m assuming did very well. Or at least well-ish. Who knows?

Apparently in Motorcycle School, they don’t teach you how to DRIVE….Wade was in a terrible accident in 2002 that left him with seizures, which ultimately led to the loss of his business and “everything”…whatever that all encompasses. His doctor suggested he start working out, which not only helped his seizures, but also led to a new passion, and after working for another motorcycle dealership (who also prefers to remain nameless) Wade was able to save up enough money to open his own Anytime Fitness. Wade is also a Commando Krav Maga instructor, and I’m not sure if that means he teaches it in “commando” or if it’s a particular STYLE of Krav Maga, but please call Wade ahead of time to make sure.

Some of Wade’s most notable credits include Homicide Hunter and Murder Chose Me (both shows can be found on the Investigation Discovery channel) as well as short films such as Can’t Go Home, S3RIAL, and Imitation of Life (you should really check this one out, it’s good, I know that for a fact). Wade also has several credits in feature films, The Harvest, Dark Winter, Alone, and Scarlett Rose, to name a few.

Wade’s married, has some kids, has a few dogs, STILL loves motorcycles, cars, and shooting guns (read into that one as much as you like) and has no special skillz or mad talents that he would tell me about. He IS a hard working and dedicated actor, and actually has some acting chops. His ultimate dream is to become an A-list celebrity who low-key Uber drives and psychs his passengers out…He’s also very much looking forward to seeing Hanson when they come through Iowa …nope…wait, sorry, that’s me. The person who wrote his biography. You owe me $20.

Wade’s pretty cool. Hire him.

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