Tony Leblanc

This actor started learning singing and dancing. Then he had very different occupations, including boxing, and even become to be the light weight amateur champion of Castilla, Spain. Later he entered the theatre in 40s, acting in the companies of Revista of Martín and and Celia Gámez, there coincided as a dancer with another dancer, Nati Mistral famous actress later. His entry in cinema was with little and secondary roles (Los últimos de Filipinas (1945) was his first film), many of them as what in spanish is said to be the ‘chulo madrileño’ (the typical classic Madrid city man, with his genuine verbal accent and special behaviour). With this type of roles he got great success in the 50’s. Once he had become a known actor, he started his career as director and producer. He created his own production company and produced three films, but had no success at all with it and the company went to bankrupt. Finally, he decided to continue as an actor. In 1993 he was paid reverence in the Goya Awards Ceremony for his whole career. His wife Concha Paez dead in August 2017.

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